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Low Profile Monitor Barns, Run In sheds, Shed Row Barns, and Monitor Horse Barns.

Prices do not include shipping, and or stain charges. Stain colors are Mushroom, Natural, Cedar, or Clear.

Paint colors are White, Clay, Tan, Blue, Red, Black, Gray, Green, or Brown.

Shingle colors are Williamsburg Slate, Weathered Wood, Slate, Shakewood, Pewter Gray, Fox Hollow Gray, Charcoal, Barkwood, Hunter Green, or Hickory.
The options are endless. Please call or e-mail for more details.

Contact us for a free price quote to have the structure built to your specifications.

Popular Breeds of Horses that need a run in or barn:
1 American Paint Horse
2 American Quarter Horse
3 American Saddle bred Horse
4 American Standard bred Horse
5 Appaloosa Horse
6 Arabian Horse
7 Clydesdale Horses
8 Ponies
9 Hanoverian Horse
10 Missouri Fox Trotter
11 Morgan Horse
12 Palomino Horse
13 Peruvian Paso / Paso Fino
14 Tennessee Walking Horse
15 Thoroughbred Horse
16 Miniature Horses
17 Pinto Horses
18 Mustang Horses