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Safe cost effective housing for your chickens. Handmade by skilled craftsmen with many styles and options.
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No matter if you already have the chickens or this is a new venture that you are starting, we have the chicken coop for you. Safe, affordable, quality made housing for your chickens is what we provide. The different styles of chicken coops that are offered will accent your home and yard, and the options will make the care easier for the caretaker.

Styles available are Quaker, Dutch, A-Frame, and Lean-To. Custom orders are welcome for these styles. Please send us a question from the contact us page on this site.

Standard features:
* Paint or Stain
* Keyed Entry Door
* Chicken Door
* Chicken Ramp
* Nesting Boxes
* Roosting Bar
* Vent Lid or Vent
* Window with Screen
* Asphalt Shingles
* Aluminium Drip Edge
* Pressure Treated Legs and Runners
* L.P. Tech Shield Roof Sheathing
* Glassboard Flooring (easy clean up)

Please note that chicken coop sizes do not include outside nesting boxes.